Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to Give

So, every year, like everyone else, I have to figure out what to buy the "difficult" people on my list.
It isn't that they are actually difficult.
(That may be too generous)

Let me explain.

All of my grandparents are still alive (I know!).
So - what in the world do you give to people who have everything?
And by everything, I mean every last thing a person could want.
And they stopped collecting circa 1972.

You should also know that I have been harassed of late.
For not giving any of them updated photos of the kids.
How am I supposed to remember they're not on Facebook?

I took a lot of pictures this year.
Serious hit. All the way around.

There is this company I like - Blurb.
I have used them before, and my sister did her wedding album with them.
Basically, they have awesome software so even if you are horrible at design-y type stuff, your book should still turn out great.

This is my middle guy's first day ever of t-ball.

This is a full two-page spread, with a full bleed.
Just don't choose a photo with a face in the middle.
It ends up in the crack.

And of course, Miss Ballerina.
The page layouts are predesigned but you can edit the pre-designed design to suit you.
And the color around the photos? Yep, you can change that too.

The software also gives crop lines and crack lines.
So you know if you're chopping anyone's head off.
Or if you forgot, and put someone's face in the crack.

I did this book in chronological order, but the choice is yours.
It took me about 3-4 hours total to put together.
And about 5 days to get them here.
Not bad when you get to knock 6 gifts off the list.

I decided to give the book to my parents as well.
Everyone really seemed to love it.
They have been passed around offices, parties, and extended family visits.
I highly recommend making one for your nearest and dearest.

Blurb can also automatically generate a book from your Facebook photos. (comments included...yikes)
AND they do a super cool Instagram book - straight from your Instagram account!
They pretty much rock.

So, for my family and close friends who have requested a's your chance.
If you would like to preview and buy your very own, here you go!

Have fun book-making!!

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