Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Farm in My Mind

Running a business is crazy.
Meant for crazy people.

Don't get me wrong - I love it.
I have wanted to do this for a very very long time and I am truly blessed to be able to live out my dream.
But it's still crazy.

Lately, I have become slightly obsessed with the idea of having chickens.
Not so much for the chickens, but for organic, colored eggs and THIS:

Thank you Country Living Magazine for permanently altering the course of my life.
I want this chicken coop. And the chickens to go in it.
I am realistic enough to know that it might end up being an American Girl dollhouse, but I want it anyway.

It happens to be Delaware State Fair week here.
Perfect opportunity to check out lots of farm animals.
For the farm I am going to live on, in my mind.

So, as it turns out, the kids know that we get milk from cows.
But they were slightly disturbed watching a cow actually get milked.

We entered a raffle to win a calf.
I've never won a raffle before.
How much do you wanna bet I win this one.

Showing sheep is serious business.

He thought the sheep were really cute.
He thought that making sweaters from their wool was gross.

They wanted to know why that sheep had a ballet leotard on.
To keep him clean for his show, of course.

They solved the world's problems.
Right there. At the fair.

They loved all the sweetness!

The kids have decided that baby Pygmy goats have to live on our farm.
We had goats when I was a kid.
They chased us.

My oldest was taking riding lessons for awhile.
She reminded me that she not only wants to take that up again, but also wants a horse.
Of course she wants a horse.

This little mister LOVED the horses!
Wanted to touch every last one.
Made for a long trip through the horse barn.

We ended our animal tour with a good old-fashioned Sno Kone.
It took us about 4 hours to make it through all the barns at the fair.
We had a great time!

I still have an overwhelming urge to move onto a farm.
Or at least a farm-like setting.
With a chicken coop. Even if it is for the dolls.

I told you running a business is for crazy people!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Atlanta...

Twice a year, every year, I have several opportunities to go to wholesale trade shows to shop for new products for the store. If not for these marathon shopping/fun/crazy adventures, I would not own a store.

I might have a shopping addiction.
That I now refer to as research and product development.

If you look past the crazy Olympic running sculpture to all those building skywalks - that is it - Americasmart.
Crazy huge. Four buildings.
At least 18 floors, if not more, in each one.

My body is never so thankful for the hotel hot tub.

You end up so delirious by the end that you can barely figure out what you want to eat off a menu.

And you end up posing with sculpture people.
Because they aren't trying to sell you something.

Here are just some of the things I found.
Arriving very soon all the way through, yes, the Christmas Season!!

It's so hot outside you can hardly breathe.
Perfect day to talk about CHRISTMAS!

In addition to traditional vintage Christmas, this year we are adding some nautical elements to the mix.

Glittered starfish, rope inspired ornaments, sand dollars, and a great tabletop company that has a beautiful line of pillows, table runners, place mats, and tree skirts with a nautical theme!!

In the showroom, some of the pillows were monogrammed, and they looked fantastic!

 AND, as requested by so many of you, we will have monogramming available at Minorbird by the holiday season!

The tree skirts are coming in green polka dot, red polka dot, and blue seashell.
I am seriously giddy.

 Next up.....Elf on the Shelf!

Not the greatest photo, taken with my phone, after they freaked out a little that I was taking a photo.
Apparently, the Elf knock-off company was trying to snag their promotional materials all day. 
Ah, the crazy trade show gossip!

Plus, we are getting the new Elf on the Shelf fully animated DVD!!
To be this excited about elves, you know the heat has gone to my head. 

Next up...

How many of have heard of or seen this company?
Hand embroidered pillows of your state. Or region. Or holiday. 

The company, Cat Studio, is owned by a woman, but a man does all the embroidery. 
Love that set up. 

Delaware pillows and tea towels on their way. 
And, of course, Holiday ones too!

Moving on...

Major. Splurge. Item. 
And this is serious. 
Graf & Lantz bags. 

Heavy heavy wool felt with the most amazing leather I have ever touched. 
It is so much more than a tote bag. 
You have to feel it to believe me. (insert inappropriate comment here)

Yep, that red one is on its way to the store - along with a couple of others. 

This is me with Daniel Lantz, the designer. 
He was SO nice. And hilarious. 
He told me two stories. 

1. Neiman Marcus is going to be carrying an exclusive version of the bag on my shoulder. 

2. His car was recently stolen and it was full of $7,000 in bags. When the police recovered it, he found out the car had been stolen by a band of tranny hookers. 

So there you go people. 
Neiman loves them and tranny hookers in West Hollywood are already wearing them. 
The line starts at the door. 

I had a great time. As always. 
But I was  never so happy to ride a moving sidewalk with a couple of cuties in skeleton pj's. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In The Clouds... where my head has been the past two weeks.

I think maybe the heat has impaired my cognitive ability.
Or I have sunk into mid-summer blah.

So, today, welcome to randomness. Join me.

My friend, and fantastic photographer, April inspired this pretty little picture.
And today it is making me feel better.
Thank you April.
Head over to the Mispillion Art League to see the real deal photographed by April, gallery wrapped, fresh raindrops, just beautiful.

Dad's bird houses.
I would love to have some of these.
But since I don't know how to aim, shoot, fire, and hit the other "nasty" bird intruders,
I will stick to .jpg birds.

And this one.
He will either be President or in Prison.
And that is exactly why I love him so much.
Little booger.

Happy Thursday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Life of Brian

We had a recent death in the family.


There is no telling how long his life really was.
We had him for 7 days.
Seven glorious days.

The kids had been begging for a fish for nothing short of forever.
I don't really do fish.
But they wore me down. Plus, it was only $3.47.

So I decided Brian would be playing the role of the hermit crab this summer.
Last year I rescued the actual pet hermit crab from both the Easy Bake Oven AND the baseboard heater.
It might smell funny but at least a fish can't crawl away.

My oldest named him.
My youngest wanted to take him swimming at Grammy and Pop-Pop's pool.

I will say this:
Keeping a 3-year-old's hands and arms out of a fishbowl is, um, impossible.

He ate.
And swam.
And skirted little fingers trying to "pet" him.

On Tuesday, we went to beach and left Brian home.
Wednesday morning, when my oldest went to feed him, she discovered he had passed away.

Shock, horror and mayhem resulted.
Total hysteria.

A few kind words.
Thoughts on how much we loved Brian.
She insisted on doing the flushing because "she loved him the most".

The kids thought Brian must have been somehow upset and threw himself under a rock.
Then they decided he had become trapped under the rock - in some sort of fishbowl avalanche.

It took a considerable amount of explaining to get them to understand he must have been sick, then died, then slid under the rock that he was squished beneath in the bowl.

And now there is Jake.
He is still alive.
But it has only been 2 days.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect Day

We are creatures of habit.
At least I am, anyway.

Living so close to the beach, going there is not really an ordeal - it's a pretty normal and regular thing.
I have certain things I like to do that make me feel like I did it "right".

Here's what you need if you're me:

1. Beach House (I know that sounds pretentious but it makes everything easier).
    Thank you Katie and Kristin!

2. Beach with little waves (for another year or two).
Also known as Lewes Beach.
For now.

The little one is responsible for all of my grey hair, but with water, he is BIG CHICKEN.
Thank goodness.
Otherwise, we might never leave the house.

When little waves get a little choppy, it's perfect.
Especially if you're trying to have a conversation of any sort, with your friend.
And keep 6 kids, collectively, from drowning.

Moving water and sand keeps kids, who typically have the attention span of a house fly, occupied for hours.

4. Grotto's for dinner!
    Yes, I know you can go to Grotto's in Milford now, but it's all about the experience for me.
    And the balloons.
    If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean.

5. Candy Kitchen.
   Rock candy was my favorite when  I was little.
   Because there is nothing un-fun about crystalized sugar on a wooden stick.

She likes wax bottles.
He likes to look in other people's diaper bags to see if they have anything more interesting.

6. Funland.
    I have to say, Funland remains my favorite seaside amusement park.
    I really don't know where else you can go, spend $12, and ride for what seems like forever.
    It is nearly untouched over time. And I like it that way.

It's fun. Don't overthink it.

This year is Funland's 50th Anniversary!

7. Royal Treat 
You can start or end your day here.
Breakfast or ice cream.
Aren't those the two best meals anyway?

 I have a love for the former staff ;).

Okay, I love this.
Royal Treat has these large water dispensers. They are so old-fashioned.
The water is ice cold and just what you need after downing super sweet, super delicious ice cream.

This may not be everyone's idea of a great day, and we don't do this every time, but it has to happen at least once a summer, or it just doesn't feel like summer happened.

Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!!!