Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cowgirl with a Mullet

How does a girl who started her life with a mullet end up owning a downtown store that people seem to actually like?

Let's go on a trip.

Those jean jacket puff sleeves? They're coming back. 

I love my family. I really do.

My dad has a uniform. Polo shirt - in only one color - green. And khaki

And if you deviate from the polo shirt or cardigan sweater set, with some sort of tan-colored bottom, you get the eyebrow raise.

But then again, he also just started a new business: The Mow-It-All. Appropriately named.

He can attain lawn perfection.
 And is apparently both handsome and hilarious. 
(his words, not mine)

He also dresses to match this photo. Every day. 

That being said, can someone explain to me how my parents, in all their green and tan conservative glory, allowed a Dorothy Hamill haircut migrate into a mullet? 

Me, at about 3 years old, with a clear mullet

Dorothy Hamill in about the same year, with a very different haircut. 

If you thought it couldn't get worse, you were wrong. 

Me, third grade, circa 1989, which was the height of the mullet's popularity, according to Wikipedia

I know! I know. 

As bad as it was, I wouldn't change a thing. 

I wasn't always the prettiest. Or the smartest. Or the most talented. 

But I was willing to work hard and not give up on the things I wanted most in life. I am happy to report that my hair is looking much better these days, but I wouldn't be surprised if I do another look back in 30 years and wonder what I was thinking. And I won't even be able to blame my parents. 

We have all come a long way and, if lucky, have an even longer way to go. 

Enjoy it!

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