Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All At Once

It has been one day over a month since I last wrote.
For a thousand good reasons, I have not had time.
But I am ready to update!

Let's make a list:

1. Hurricane = I don't do natural disasters.

2. I don't do natural disasters = weekend escape to visit fantastic old friends in Nashville!

3. While in Nashville, my youngest met his future wife. She's a pistol. Thank god.

4. School started again. Third grade (seriously??), Kindergarten, and Mr. Preschool are happily settled in. 

5. We made some changes in my kids' activities = I live in my car. 

6. My dream job has become accessible and available = OMG!

7. Dream job = have to make a decision about the store since I am apparently not 12 people. 

8. After long and careful thought, plus at least three hysterical crying sessions, I decided it was time to close the store for a bit and focus on the DREAM JOB!! (I will give more detail, I promise)

9. Closing the store = MASSIVE SALE!! Be there. You will be mad at yourself if you miss it. 
Fridays and Saturdays until....we say so? And then...well, I will let you know where you can still buy our cool finds as soon as I have more information!

10. I bought workout pants today. Armageddon is next.