Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extra Virgin Olive Oyl

So I have this friend. 

Her name is Kristin

She's fun and smart and involved in her community. But, the thing I love most about her is how she always ends up getting me involved in something fantastically crazy. Like private, late night tours of prohibition-era underground dining vaults in Greenwich Village. 

The adventure I am holding her responsible for this time is my entry in the Dogfish Dash. Dogfish Head, our very own local brewery, and star of Brew Masters, is the sponsor of a 5K run in the next town over.

No, you're not confused. Yes, I signed up for a 5K. 

It's Dogfish Head, what did you expect? Water?

You need to know I am not an athlete. I am a dancer (ballet, not pole). I ran cross country in high school because my boyfriend did. He was the star of the team. I won the award for best team spirit. Which was a nice way of saying "we really like you but...."


And when I say that I can't run, I don't mean that I don't know how, I just mean that I look absolutely ridiculous. My arms and legs go in all directions, like a pony on Xanax. 

MHS Cross Country Team, circa 1996

BUT WAIT. The best part of the Dogfish Dash is that you have to run in costume! 

Now you know exactly why I said yes to my dear friend Kristin. I am always game for a costume! Even if it requires me to embarrass myself completely and totally. And since it's sponsored by a brewery, I'm pretty sure the post-race celebration will be entertaining, to say the least. 

So what kind of costume do you wear when you run like a giraffe? 

Olive Oyl!

 Now, I am a mother of three, so obviously I am not the Extra Virgin version. But run and have fun and make fun? Yes. Yes, I can do that. Thank you Kristin. I will keep you updated on the summer of training, and the costume of course! 

If you want to join us, this year's race is on September 25 in Milton, Delaware and all proceeds go to the Delaware Chapter of the Nature Conservancy.


  1. Hey I'm moving to Milton... maybe I'll come see you "run" in costume. p.s. is that you, in the front row, dead center of the 1996 picture?

  2. Haha, no that's my friend Andrea. I am in the second row, second one in from the right. With wispy bangs.

  3. Oh my! I would love to tell you that I would be able to run with you but we all know that is highly unlikely! That being said, I must come see you in costume. I am loving this.

    Miss Lisa