Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuffed by any other name...

Might still be creepy.

It's no secret. I have three kids. And when you have three kids, or one for that matter, you undoubtedly have acquired hundreds of stuffed animals. And given some away. And received more.

So when I was planning to open the store, I avoided them altogether. Yes, I sell baby furniture. Yes, I sell baby gifts. NO I was not going to sell the bane of my existence as a mother - stuffed animals.

Just to illustrate where my mind goes when the topic comes up, or when I'm prepping for a Goodwill donation, or when my kids beg for them at every store we go to....Childhood Disclosure: My dad had a fairly extensive collection of stuffed creatures on the walls and this may have had a permanent impact on my feelings about stuffed toys.

You got it. E.T. in the closet, hiding among a thousand what? Stuffed animals. 

And then there's always a good street booth display. Sneezing yet?

So knowing how I feel about stuffed animals, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a great new company who's primary product is just that. Apple Park! 

Super mushy, super sweet, and not weird at all. The collection of little friends includes a Bunny, Lamby, Ducky, Monkey, and Cubby. The friends take on a few different forms - from rattle and blankie to finger puppets, Little Friends, and the creme de la creme The Picnic Pal. 

I think the part that really convinced me that they might be okay and not even the least bit creepy (other than sheer cuteness) was the packaging. Hats off to Apple Park for creating extraordinary boxes.  

A hat box! It comes in a hat box. With a pretty little park scene on the inside. Genius. 

Not that I am the authority on what is a good gift and what isn't, but I have to congratulate this California based company for convincing me that not all things stuffed are creepy. 

Welcome to Minorbird Apple Park. 

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