Friday, May 27, 2011

Corn turned out to be Cute

Taking a trip is always an opportunity to find new things to bring back to the store. 

For some reason, I think I thought Iowa only had corn and houses.
I wasn't expecting good shopping, that's for sure. 

I found this GREAT store, Eden, in downtown Des Moines. 

Soaps, lotions, perfumes galore! 
Good stuff. 
Lots of it. 

Jen, the owner, was super nice.  
Shop there. It's awesome. 

Next up, Seed, also in Historic East Village in downtown Des Moines. 

Organic. Flowers. Gifts. 

Everything is sort of tucked in old stoves and propped up on found objects. 
Love it!

Then I walk into Found Things.  
I just discovered heaven. 

This store made me want to fill a car and drive it home. 
Wish I had. 
Mapquest confirmed I could have driven back faster than it took to fly. 

I love to fill my house with interesting, old, unique stuff. 
Not necessarily old boots, but you get the idea.  

After all my East Village adventures, we headed to Historic Valley Junction for the Big Bash. 
Mainstreet Iowa decided to do a street fair instead of the traditional food, music, fancy place version. 

Can anyone say perfect??
It is exactly what Main Street is all about. 
Thumbs Up Iowa. 

At the Bash, I met the cutest couple ever - Michael and Courtney Wagler. 
Michael is a design consultant for Main Street Iowa.
Courtney is a jewelry designer and small business owner. 

Courtney had a white tent set up with some of the fabulous jewelry.
Earthy, modern, classic. 
The place was mobbed!

We are SO excited to announce that a little bit of Iowa is headed to the East Coast!
Courtney's company Bare Root Designs has agreed to be a part of Minorbird.

I was WAY wrong about Iowa. 
I guess I hope that's what people say when they come to Delaware. 

I strongly encourage you to get involved in your community's Main Street program. 
You really can change your world.  

Check out Downtown Milford, Inc. if you're local and interested!

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