Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All At Once

It has been one day over a month since I last wrote.
For a thousand good reasons, I have not had time.
But I am ready to update!

Let's make a list:

1. Hurricane = I don't do natural disasters.

2. I don't do natural disasters = weekend escape to visit fantastic old friends in Nashville!

3. While in Nashville, my youngest met his future wife. She's a pistol. Thank god.

4. School started again. Third grade (seriously??), Kindergarten, and Mr. Preschool are happily settled in. 

5. We made some changes in my kids' activities = I live in my car. 

6. My dream job has become accessible and available = OMG!

7. Dream job = have to make a decision about the store since I am apparently not 12 people. 

8. After long and careful thought, plus at least three hysterical crying sessions, I decided it was time to close the store for a bit and focus on the DREAM JOB!! (I will give more detail, I promise)

9. Closing the store = MASSIVE SALE!! Be there. You will be mad at yourself if you miss it. 
Fridays and Saturdays until....we say so? And then...well, I will let you know where you can still buy our cool finds as soon as I have more information!

10. I bought workout pants today. Armageddon is next.

1 comment:

  1. I am sad to hear you're closing the store! But so happy for you that the Dream Job(tm) has shown up! That is fantastic! Reach for your dreams, Leigh, of anybody in this world, you can catch them for sure!

    (I am also sad that I won't be able to spend any money in your store for the massive sale! I would love to have some of that sugar scrub again. :P )