Sunday, November 27, 2011

Give Thanks

This year, in particular, I am thankful, grateful, and reflective.

But that didn't stop my 24-hour advance holiday freak out.
I cooked for a few less people this year, but it didn't seem to matter.
I only know how to cook meals for armies. I was raised that way.

I love a silver gravy boat.
It makes your table feel special.

I don't really know many people who set the table with the good china.
And then put it all away.
Four hours before dinner.

This is my 'staging' area.
This is also that crazy mirror.
From my crazy day with Mackenzie Childs on her boat, I mean ferry.
If you missed that, read this.

The menu was pretty standard Thanksgiving fare...
You should know I am a huge Barefoot Contessa fan.
She is weird on TV (sorry Ina) but her food is freaking amazing.

On our table this year...(links included!)

1. Deep fried turkey (thanks Dad)

2. Sweet potato casserole topped with caramelized sugar apples

3. Homemade Stuffing (you know, the kind with sausage, apples, and cranberries)

4. Cranberry salad (old family recipe)

5. Macaroni & Cheese

6. Mom's homemade applesauce (if you are cute and nice, she will give lessons)

7. Kale (from Dad's garden)

8. Roasted Beets (don't make that face before you try them)
Really glad Ina took pictures of this one.
Cause I sure didn't.

9. Pumpkin Pie!
This chick is awesome too.
I recommend her food skills.

10. Fresh Lemon Mousse

The pictures I took of that one pretty much sucked.
And so did the google photo.
So I just have to tell you that it was delicious and you should try it out.

Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy, dysfunctional, but loving family to yours.

I am thankful for my three beautiful and precious children, my family who made me who I am today, and for the gift of a kind of friendship that I did not know could exist.
I am grateful for all that I have.

Just so you know I haven't gone completely sappy.
Stay tuned for the Nutcracker post.
You know that dysfunctional family I mentioned?
Yeah. You don't want to miss this.

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