Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love What You Love

I am not a frivolous shopper. Nor am I a frivolous buyer for my store. I almost always know what I want and like most everyone else in the universe, I want it now. 

I have been forced to learn patience. 

I am a normal person with a normal budget. I can't just run out and buy new dishes with service for 12 or 16 people on a random Wednesday.

But today, I SO wanted to. Enter today's dish obsession:

Not too modernly square or too traditionally round, just perfectly fresh and classic. Love them. Plan to stalk them. If you would like to stalk them too, head to Macy's. Fast. 

Apparently, a dish isn't the only thing I like with this shape. Enter exhibit two: 

LAFCO New York's Little Luxuries. Yes, I bought these for the store and I'll tell you why. The tin container, for one. I love how it feels and I love that it's grey - a little vintage but painted so it feels modern. And there's that funny shape again!  Love that. But best of all, and I really mean it, is the tiny box of wooden matches that fit perfectly snug in the lid of the candle!! I also have a slight obsession with match boxes but we'll save that for another day. I just love how sweet they look and how great they smell. But those matches just put me over the edge. 

So, where did I originally fall in love with oddly shaped things? Who knows. I can tell you I had a very interesting experience at the New York International Gift show two summers ago. On Mackenzie Childs Boat. Yes, on a boat. That the famous designer lives on. 

To keep it short, let's just say it involved an overwhelmingly hot summer day in NYC, unrelenting anticipation of meeting such a famous designer, boat fuel, no air conditioning, a pushy and slightly crazy sales lady, a bout of extreme nausea, clam chowder, a note baked into a farewell cupcake, and yes, Mackenzie Childs really does have rainbow hair. This is what I came away with. 

I know it doesn't jump right out, but that funny shape is in here too! I have come to adore this mirror. Everyone asks about it and I have this fantastically crazy adventure to tell when they do. 

So, today's lesson is about loving what you love and going with it. Don't worry if it doesn't seem to fit with your definition of your style. If you love it, really love it, it will work. I promise. 

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