Friday, July 20, 2012

So You Think You Want Boys

Some recent family news has me thinking about boys.

Growing up with a sister and two cousins, also girls, and all ballerinas (even though the little sisters canned that idea by 5th grade)...I just didn't know anything, and I mean anything, about boys.

Now, I am the mother to two little alien child boys.
And they get away with way more than they should.
They are just so damn cute.

Here are the rules for a regular, ordinary, run-of-the-mill-no-they-don't-sit-and-color day.

Football should always be played in the living room.
Golf should also be played here.
And soccer.
And yes, even baseball.

It is perfectly acceptable to perfect to your football catching moves on the couch.
Obviously, no one wants to get hurt by falling on grass.

Transforming yourself into a video game character is an everyday adventure.
The character will always be one who runs fast.
And fast running is always more fun when you do it in the house.

And doesn't stop just because I ask.
A request for "one more cool move" means no less than 35 more cool moves.
And the couch is always the crash pad.

Having fun has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with sitting still. Ever.
Something always gets broken.
Or hurt.
Or mom loses her mind.

But I really don't know a mom who would have it any other way.
Including me.

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