Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Fair Time!

Of course we went to the State Fair.

It is one of those events I'm not sure if I love or dread.
But we always end up going anyway.

I went through a phase where I loathed the fair.
The heat.
The crowds.
The all fried all the time food trucks.

But then I had kids.
And discovered that not only is it really not that bad, it's actually fun.

Here is our 30 second tour of the 2012 Delaware State Fair.

I have made it no secret that I would like to have my own little flock of egg bearing hens.
They don't all look this creepy, I swear.

We also love sheep.
Love them.

Go ahead, do it.

Her favorite part of the fair.
Except for the rides.
But they don't count because the rides are always the kid favorite.

Oh the sweet teeny tiny baby chicks.
Pretty sure that was the only animal we DIDN'T get as an Easter present growing up.
And I'm sure that's the reason I am so obsessed with chickens.
Thanks Mom.

Everybody's favorite!

FYI, Lil' Partner.

Games anyone?
Everyone's a Winner.
So I was told, only about a thousand times.

This was the throw that sealed our fate.
You should know I can't hit a baseball with tennis racket.
But I won my son his first fair goldfish.

Meet Goldy and Gill, everybody.
Inspired by his athletically-challenged mother, HE won his second.
Why I didn't exercise parental guidance in the game choice, I will never know.

Yep, that's her.

Too scary for us, but makes a pretty picture.

We had a great day - a great day!
We spent nine hours of purely unadulterated, fried, thrilled, screaming, sweaty fun.
Looking forward to next year!

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