Thursday, July 14, 2011

In The Clouds... where my head has been the past two weeks.

I think maybe the heat has impaired my cognitive ability.
Or I have sunk into mid-summer blah.

So, today, welcome to randomness. Join me.

My friend, and fantastic photographer, April inspired this pretty little picture.
And today it is making me feel better.
Thank you April.
Head over to the Mispillion Art League to see the real deal photographed by April, gallery wrapped, fresh raindrops, just beautiful.

Dad's bird houses.
I would love to have some of these.
But since I don't know how to aim, shoot, fire, and hit the other "nasty" bird intruders,
I will stick to .jpg birds.

And this one.
He will either be President or in Prison.
And that is exactly why I love him so much.
Little booger.

Happy Thursday!

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