Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect Day

We are creatures of habit.
At least I am, anyway.

Living so close to the beach, going there is not really an ordeal - it's a pretty normal and regular thing.
I have certain things I like to do that make me feel like I did it "right".

Here's what you need if you're me:

1. Beach House (I know that sounds pretentious but it makes everything easier).
    Thank you Katie and Kristin!

2. Beach with little waves (for another year or two).
Also known as Lewes Beach.
For now.

The little one is responsible for all of my grey hair, but with water, he is BIG CHICKEN.
Thank goodness.
Otherwise, we might never leave the house.

When little waves get a little choppy, it's perfect.
Especially if you're trying to have a conversation of any sort, with your friend.
And keep 6 kids, collectively, from drowning.

Moving water and sand keeps kids, who typically have the attention span of a house fly, occupied for hours.

4. Grotto's for dinner!
    Yes, I know you can go to Grotto's in Milford now, but it's all about the experience for me.
    And the balloons.
    If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean.

5. Candy Kitchen.
   Rock candy was my favorite when  I was little.
   Because there is nothing un-fun about crystalized sugar on a wooden stick.

She likes wax bottles.
He likes to look in other people's diaper bags to see if they have anything more interesting.

6. Funland.
    I have to say, Funland remains my favorite seaside amusement park.
    I really don't know where else you can go, spend $12, and ride for what seems like forever.
    It is nearly untouched over time. And I like it that way.

It's fun. Don't overthink it.

This year is Funland's 50th Anniversary!

7. Royal Treat 
You can start or end your day here.
Breakfast or ice cream.
Aren't those the two best meals anyway?

 I have a love for the former staff ;).

Okay, I love this.
Royal Treat has these large water dispensers. They are so old-fashioned.
The water is ice cold and just what you need after downing super sweet, super delicious ice cream.

This may not be everyone's idea of a great day, and we don't do this every time, but it has to happen at least once a summer, or it just doesn't feel like summer happened.

Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!!!

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