Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Atlanta...

Twice a year, every year, I have several opportunities to go to wholesale trade shows to shop for new products for the store. If not for these marathon shopping/fun/crazy adventures, I would not own a store.

I might have a shopping addiction.
That I now refer to as research and product development.

If you look past the crazy Olympic running sculpture to all those building skywalks - that is it - Americasmart.
Crazy huge. Four buildings.
At least 18 floors, if not more, in each one.

My body is never so thankful for the hotel hot tub.

You end up so delirious by the end that you can barely figure out what you want to eat off a menu.

And you end up posing with sculpture people.
Because they aren't trying to sell you something.

Here are just some of the things I found.
Arriving very soon all the way through, yes, the Christmas Season!!

It's so hot outside you can hardly breathe.
Perfect day to talk about CHRISTMAS!

In addition to traditional vintage Christmas, this year we are adding some nautical elements to the mix.

Glittered starfish, rope inspired ornaments, sand dollars, and a great tabletop company that has a beautiful line of pillows, table runners, place mats, and tree skirts with a nautical theme!!

In the showroom, some of the pillows were monogrammed, and they looked fantastic!

 AND, as requested by so many of you, we will have monogramming available at Minorbird by the holiday season!

The tree skirts are coming in green polka dot, red polka dot, and blue seashell.
I am seriously giddy.

 Next up.....Elf on the Shelf!

Not the greatest photo, taken with my phone, after they freaked out a little that I was taking a photo.
Apparently, the Elf knock-off company was trying to snag their promotional materials all day. 
Ah, the crazy trade show gossip!

Plus, we are getting the new Elf on the Shelf fully animated DVD!!
To be this excited about elves, you know the heat has gone to my head. 

Next up...

How many of have heard of or seen this company?
Hand embroidered pillows of your state. Or region. Or holiday. 

The company, Cat Studio, is owned by a woman, but a man does all the embroidery. 
Love that set up. 

Delaware pillows and tea towels on their way. 
And, of course, Holiday ones too!

Moving on...

Major. Splurge. Item. 
And this is serious. 
Graf & Lantz bags. 

Heavy heavy wool felt with the most amazing leather I have ever touched. 
It is so much more than a tote bag. 
You have to feel it to believe me. (insert inappropriate comment here)

Yep, that red one is on its way to the store - along with a couple of others. 

This is me with Daniel Lantz, the designer. 
He was SO nice. And hilarious. 
He told me two stories. 

1. Neiman Marcus is going to be carrying an exclusive version of the bag on my shoulder. 

2. His car was recently stolen and it was full of $7,000 in bags. When the police recovered it, he found out the car had been stolen by a band of tranny hookers. 

So there you go people. 
Neiman loves them and tranny hookers in West Hollywood are already wearing them. 
The line starts at the door. 

I had a great time. As always. 
But I was  never so happy to ride a moving sidewalk with a couple of cuties in skeleton pj's. 

Have a great weekend!

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