Monday, March 28, 2011

From Lord and Taylor to Oh My Lord

Let me start off by saying that I am writing this morning's post from my chair at Bad Hair Day in Rehoboth where my favorite lady Arlene is fixing the madness that overtakes my roots about every four weeks. A grey strand here and there? Oh no, full on silver. Thank you genetics.

Apparently there is a correlation between my roots and my decision making skills. On Friday, Rena, owner of our cute little Downtown Barber Shop, was hosting a psychic for the day. I know. That's a discussion all by itself. Rena is a touch crazy but absolutely hilarious and I very much enjoy having her across the street. Especially when she hosts a psychic at a discount. Who doesn't love a sale?

Rena! In her defense, this photo was taken on Halloween. 

The psychic is amazing! And scary. And must read minds. I won't go into detail other than to say she advised me that I absolutely must take some time for myself and right away. Coincidentally, my favorite college student and Minorbird intern, Alex announces she'll be in town for the week. Perfect! She learns Retail 101 while I take a day for me.


You can't stay on top of what is going on in the universe if you never leave your own store, right? My thoughts exactly.

I very much enjoyed wandering the mall, but I did not find myself needing to purchase anything. Occupational hazard maybe? Doubt it.

I think it may have had something to do with the selection. 

Since the personal shopping isn't go so well, I decide to check out the displays.

 Are they selling the bag or the fireworks? 

So far, not a single shoe has called my name, but all is not lost. Years ago I used to stop at this place called The Sale Barn on Rt. 50 whenever I was headed to DC or Baltimore. It had great vintage finds, especially furniture. I bail on over-commercialism and go for my fail-safe. Vintage!

Seriously? I have ALWAYS wanted smiling chili pepper yard ornaments. 

I am really starting to question the sale on psychics from Friday. What you didn't see because you weren't there and also because shock caused me to forget that I had a camera, was the 8 foot tall metal sculpture of Shrek. Yes, that's the way to round out a day to yourself. With Shrek. 

Today's lesson:  Beware of psychics on sale. Unless you like metal Shrek statues. 

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