Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sucker for a Love Story

Who doesn't love a good whirlwind, crazy love story? I think we would all like to think that soulmates really do exist, romance isn't just for movies, and anyone at anytime could meet, get married in like a week, and run off to Mexico to start a bajillion dollar design company.

Did I lose you in Mexico?

Let me explain. Although I personally don't fancy super-cheesy romance, there is something about Billy and Jane Pritchard, founders and owners of Stray Dog Designs, that just warms my heart. Their romance has been described in longer versions of the one-liner that I gave above, but what got me hooked initially was their design sensibility. More importantly, what has kept me slightly stalker-ish is how unbelievably NICE and approachable they are. I am always in their showroom, no matter if I'm in New York or Atlanta, and Billy is always there, talking to everyone. But this last time, he remembered me! I am aware that he quite possibly "remembers" a lot of people, but I am prepared to continue feeling "special" in my mind. I would like to think it helped that I ordered a replica of their very own living room light fixture for the store - you know, the big one!

To read the full romantic version of how the company started, you will have to hear it straight from the horse's mouth here. And not to be left out, Country Living Magazine featured their designs on the cover this month and their story on the inside.

 I love that I get to hang out under a giant version of that shade on the right.

Atlanta Showroom! Who wouldn't want to place an order?

I plan to have one of these in my turquoise dining room. 

Has my daughter's name all over it. 

Did I mention how nice they are? 
All Stray Dog products are handmade by artisans and workers in sustainable jobs. 

Romance turned design company? I think we should all aspire to have a life so rich. 

Have a great day!

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