Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All-American Chaos

We've had a couple of warm days. Fresh cut grass smell is in the air. 

Oh right, the grass. Thanks Dad

It's also that time of year when all my friends start talking/posting about Opening Day and Go Phillies! or Yankees! Or whoever. Not being a huge baseball fan (you could replace the word baseball with just about any sport) I don't really know when things are happening until it's so everywhere you can't possibly miss it.

Until this year. 

My Older Boy is finally old enough to play T-Ball! 

I was the dancer. My sister was the athlete.  I have no clue what I am doing with two boys, but it's not like I can return them (nor would I want to!).

Photo courtesy of Milford Live at

Milford loves a parade. We ALWAYS have parades. And Little League Opening Day is no exception. 

His first game was Saturday. I took a thousand pictures. 

What I should have taken a picture of was all the parents taking a thousand pictures. 

Yes, you run after you hit the ball. Yes, it's okay for you to run! GO!

Pretty sure all three of them are going to catch the same ball. 

Safe. Now all he has to do is pay attention. 

That's a lot harder than it looks. 

They still let me in the dugout. 

I'll get kicked out before Little Brother, I'm sure. 

Cameras flashing, kids running in all directions, lost helmets. 

But he (we) will never have a first-first game ever again. 

Happy Opening Day!

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