Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Takin' a Ride

Well, it's Spring Break.

I love being able to spend time with the kids I shuffle off to school every morning. Except when they act like children I don't even know.

We spent the morning at the beach making friends and collecting fish.

We also collected sand. In our bathing suits.

 Home we went, salty and tired. Sleep? No.

Ride bikes with friends? Oh yes.

Just like I remember it. 

Finally another girl to play with. 

Don't let his size fool you. 

You would think I asked him to run 3 miles. Barefoot. Uphill. 

Watch out for little curly-haired boys on Big Wheels. 
You might lose a shin. 

Yes, we have a bathroom in our house. 
No, I didn't catch him until he was already pulling his pants back up. 

What a great way to kick off the warm part of the spring. 

Scarves be gone!

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