Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sidewalk Sales, Festivals, New Stuff

I know I have been quiet this week.

The combination of three kids, spring break and this weekend's triple threat have had my brain working to the max.

First Order of Business. Sidewalk Sale!!

This Saturday starting at 9am, anything you might have been looking at for a while, that we just happen to still have, might be going on sale!

Look for the big white tent with the pretty windows, that I have been told is a giant pain to put together. (I wouldn't know)

Same tent. Better sale. Different season. 

Second Order of Business. Bug and Bud Festival!!

The reason for the sale. 

Downtown Milford is expecting nearly 5,000 people and ladybugs this Saturday. 

Minorbird is expecting a customer or two (or a bajillion). 

Weather Channel says 70 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

The Third Order of Business and maker of the Triple Threat. New Inventory!!

All that hard work sourcing new stuff for summer just paid off.

Lots of boxes are arriving tomorrow and they're full of SUMMER! 
Because seasons arrive in boxes around here. 

Tiny, little sneak peak...

Little Black Dress. Great necklace. Yes.

With a white t-shirt and a beach tote? 

Just plain love these earrings. 

Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold. With a twist. 

Not stopping at jewels...
Summer table linens from Couleur Nature...So pretty! 

Perfect excuse to buy a beach house. 

And there's more. But I don't have any more time today. 
I have to figure out where it's all going to go!

See you this weekend!

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