Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ballerinas and Zombies

So, we all know I have three kids.

Today, I was thinking about the older two mostly. I thought I would share just how my mind works - and then maybe you can all understand what the impact a third child had on my brain and it's ability to function properly.

I start the morning downloading photos from my oldest's recent performance in Diamond Dance Company's version of Peter and the Wolf.

Butterflies, Ponds, and Flowers, oh my.

She takes her art form very seriously. 

Apparently even pulling a pretend cat's tail is entertaining.

I get to the pictures of her and her brother which remind me that I'm supposed to be winning levels of Plants vs. Zombies for him so he can use the coolest plants possible to fight the zombies. 

He plays it ALL THE TIME. 

So, now my mind has shifted to this:

And this:

Those zombies really stress me out. 

But I do it for my son. Because he asked and he loves the game. 
(and it might be mildly entertaining to me)

Then I snap out of it and realize that I have a million bajillion things I should be doing for the business. Things that have nothing to do with plants or zombies. 

I am working on the blog post that was supposed to be about ballet. 

There they are. The lovely ballerina and her zombie-fighting brother. 

Notice I haven't even mentioned child #3 and what he likes to do. 

Fortunately, he came with a healthy set of lungs. And he uses them. 
It's a good thing that little stinker is so cute.

Back to work! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Love it! Being a mother requires the ability to switch from one thought to another at lightning speed! Good thing you are good at that! Enjoy! They grow up way to fast.