Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Favorites

Okay, it's June!

And I am a little restless.
It seems that even though everything around me is changing rapidly,
the store needed a change too.

You know how one day you wake up and you need to change your living room around?
The store is like my living room.
Only I spend WAY more time in it than my actual living room.

So, with a little help from some new store fixtures,
and summer inventory (hooray!)
it's like a whole new store!!

Pre-school has been over for about a week now.
Really hard to keep a bored 3 year old off the new store shelves.
Especially when each platform feels like a treehouse made just for him.

Okay, so, it takes forever, but it so much fun to change things up.
I have to thank my dad for building me five new display towers.
They changed everything!

Rope handles.
Love it.

Not sure which print I like best!
I guess that's why I own a store.
I never have to decide.

Summer scarves.
They make any old shorts and tank top look like you know what you're doing.

Love this. That's all.

Along with moving things around, there is another big change here for the summer.
We have an intern!
Meet Alex.

We've known her forever.
She's like family.
You will love her. I promise.

She'll be here on Mondays and Tuesdays.
What's that? Mondays?
YES! Open on Mondays!!
All summer long.

The well-known secret is that she prefers hanging out with us over her summer job last year.
She still has to fold stuff on occasion.
But she doesn't seem to mind.
Not sure she'll go on to own a retail store, but hey, I don't want to be a neuroscientist.
She does though.

We are looking forward to a fun summer.
Come visit us!

p.s. I don't mind if you like her better ;).

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