Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flea Market 411

I go to flea markets for several reasons.

1. I like them.
2. You can find really cool stuff for almost no money.
3. Flea market people are in a category all their own.

This couple is the real deal.
They bring their stuff in their carpeted, velour upholstered van.

I was SO close to buying this.
And hanging it in my kitchen.

This chick rode to market inside the velour van.

But then, there is some really cool stuff.
Hardware is fun to dig through. I never buy any, but I always want to.

Letterpress letters. 
I just want to dump a little glue in this box and hang it up. As is. 

Voo Do. 

This really doesn't strike me as odd for our area. 

Until you get to this part. 

I would love to know who bought this guy. 

Anyone want to join me next time? 


  1. where in the world is that flea market? rachael and i hit of up the flea market just below greenwood and have basically furnished our entire house from that place.

  2. I'm totally in! I would have scooped up those letterpress letters in a heart beat.

  3. love it!--I am a flea-market-a-holic myself, friend. ask anytime if you need someone to come along and "shop"....mostly I just marvel at all the "things" the world has to offer, again and again, and....

  4. I soooo need that sign.