Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ultimate Procrastination

I own eight car seats.
I have three kids.
And one car.

Over the course of any given day or week or month, the kids collect things.
McDonalds toys (yes I just admitted that I take them there).
Silly bands, matchbox cars, a wooden drum stick, headless fairy doll.

But the food is the ultimate.
Apple Jacks, Goldfish (thanks Pop-Pop), Saltines.

And because I do attempt to force healthy food down their throats,
this morning I found 100 degree, day-old blueberries.
Smashed, hot, blueberries.

 AFTER the vacuuming was already "done".
I think if I sat back there and threw crumbs everywhere for an hour
I couldn't duplicate what they can do in no time and with no effort.

Very small sampling of what I pulled out from the back.
I can't even believe I am showing you this.

I think I should be given product placement credit.
These two items performed a miracle today.

It took several hours.
And my youngest culprit was really excited to "help".
The several months (yes, months) of procrastination have come to an end!

I love the feeling of a clean car, a full tank of gas, and a fridge full of perfectly organized,
brand new groceries.
Now if I could just fix the fact that it costs more for gas than for groceries most days.

I am still committed to storing the beach essentials in the back of the car.
Repeat: Beach stuff, not junk stuff. Beach stuff, not junk stuff.
You just never know when you might need to take a detour for some salty water and a little sand.

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