Friday, May 20, 2011

Roots. The Hair not The Movie.

It is my should-be-monthly but push-it-as-close-to bi-monthly-as-I-can hair camouflage appointment.

Sadly, you don't have to squint to see it.
Or use a zoom lens.

Off I go to Bad Hair Day to see Arlene.
She'll fix it.

But you see, this salon is really not normal.
Which is why I kinda like it.

Meet Drexel.
He owns the joint.

He is also President of the Board of Directors for Rehoboth's Main Street Program.
I like that.

Especially since I am on the Board of Directors for Milford's Main Street Program.
It must mean we like the same things.

Just a point of reference for those of you wondering what on earth he had strapped to his head.

Princess Beatrice.
"Best" hat award from the Royal Wedding.

We'll use the word "best" loosely.
That sucker is going up for sale on Ebay.

I'm always game for a photo op with royalty.
I told you Drexel and I had a lot in common.

Back to my bad hair genetics.

My hair used to fall out really bad.
And it is prematurely grey.

Arlene convinced me to try Aveda hair color.
My hair doesn't fall out anymore.
But, interestingly, Arlene also convinced me to thin out my hair at every other trim.

Holy Moly!!
What a difference.
No more mushroom cap hair!

30 minutes and a little O Magazine for iPad later...

My hair is brown again.
For the next 30 days or so that is...

Disclaimer: There would have been a better hair photo if not for buckets of pouring rain today.

Have a great weekend!!

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