Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Majors are Waiting

My older boy is actually on the team. 
The younger one is not. 

But he thinks he is. 

No one has the heart to tell him otherwise. 

Coach is nice and lets him practice with the other kids. 
Coach was nice when he asked him to let the other kids have a chance getting the ball. 

He seems ready, by his professional posing ability, to go all the way. 

Best part is the pink glove.
He owns a blue glove. 

Maybe it's his good luck charm. 
Or maybe he's three and unreasonable. 

He grows on you. 

Kind of like a chocolate bacon bar. 

Yes, little bacon pieces mixed into a candy bar. 
It came highly recommended. But still. 

The first day I tried it I tried to give it away. 
No takers. 

Then, this morning, I was hungry and too busy to get real food, so I tried it again. 
It was tasty! And sort of breakfast-y.

I ate the whole thing. 

You can see why I am still trying to give 10 pounds away. 
No takers. 

Sometimes a home run comes in a package you weren't expecting. 

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  1. No, I'm not selling (or advertising for) Vosges, just liked it! Sorry!