Monday, May 2, 2011

Sleeping In Today...Sort Of

Any time we are expecting a couple thousand people downtown in one day, I get a little anxiety.

What if the store doesn't look good that day?

What if I spill food all over my shirt before it even starts? (Holiday Stroll flashback)

What if there is some other catastrophic happening that ruins the day?

Dear brain: Shut up and get to work.

The day started at 7am putting up the tent for the sidewalk sale.
Let me repeat: 7 am. Tent.
Me and the troops.

Festival started at 9 am and so did my son's t-ball game.
Oh so thankful for a seasoned t-baller known as POP-POP to take him to his game and cheer!

Summer is so close I can smell it. 

Always changing things up a little. 
I've been thinking about these since I saw them in January!

Did I mention the troops?

As soon as you say "don't shine that in your eyes" you have just come up with a cool idea that needs to be tested immediately. 

Dear Little Sister, you are running low on favors. 
I know you love the owl bracelet, but still. 

The other 130 pictures I took of him were with his grumpy face. 
On purpose.

We had a great day, with no catastrophic happenings! 

I have to thank everyone who came over and helped out .
I couldn't have done it without all of you! 

I heart nice people. 

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