Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is Here.

Memorial Day Weekend.
The official start-of-summer holiday.

My grandmother thinks it's the day we can start wearing white again.
My kids have no idea it's a holiday.

We stick close to home on summer holiday weekends.
It seems the entire tri-state area comes to Delaware.
Most people who live here just hide.
We are afraid of traffic.

We kicked off our holiday weekend with ice cream at Dolce.

Sweet little outdoor tables.
Coffee for me.
Ice cream for them.

Doesn't it look perfect?

I couldn't bring myself to post the later pictures.
Pretty sure he ate a little chocolate soaked napkin.

The smart one.

On Monday, Dad invited us over for a pool party.

He said we misunderstood the invitation.
He invited us over for the "pool opening".
I love my family.

Plan B made up for the green pool.
Dear adults: You will not be able to move in the morning should you attempt to Slip-N-Slide.

I don't think I heard from the kids for hours.
Which was good, since Dad didn't cook anything for the party.
Best Pool Party Ever.

I don't think you can celebrate a summer holiday without some sort of strawberry dish.
And since I had to make it, I decided on strawberry shortcake.
Mostly because it requires virtually no effort.

All in all it turned out pretty well.
We made fun of Dad all afternoon for inviting us to a party that didn't exist.
He said he couldn't wait for the next one.

Happy Summer everyone!!

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